North Channel and COVID-19

We are now offering virtual appointments for customers who would be more comfortable meeting by phone or videochat, rather than a traditional on-site visit during COVID-19. Visit our "Contact us" page to call or email for an appointment. On-site quotes are still available with masks and safety precautions in place. *Some projects will require an on-site visit to plan specific job details.*

Our sheetmetal shop and office space are frequently sanitized, and company vehicles are provided with cleaning and sanitizing supplies to help do our part in stopping the spread. Please call ahead to book an office appointment to allow time for sanitization between visits. 

All employees are provided with reusable "North Channel" cloth masks which are washed and replaced frequently. Upon entry of a customer's home, employees must wear these masks, as required by Algoma Public Health. 

All company vehicles and workspaces are supplied with hand sanitizer to ensure employees are able to practice safe hand washing techniques from anywhere. 

Employees fill out COVID-19 self-monitor sheets each day before returning to work. Employees who are ill, or living with someone who is ill are asked to complete the online self assessment tool, and follow the instructions of Algoma Public Health or their family doctor. Instructions provided by the Canadian Government can be found here.