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We are proud to offer beautiful , Canadian made Valor fireplaces. As a valor dealer, we can order any fireplace, complete with your choice of liner, fuel bed and trim. 

Not sure exactly what you're looking for? Click the Valor logo to view their online catalog, or call to make an appointment and have a sales representative assist you. We currently have two fireplaces on display in our showrooms. 


Our Installs: 

Fireplace Pine

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are the perfect solution for warming up a basement or fitting in tight corner spaces upstairs. Available in many exterior designs, gas stoves can be a modern centrepiece, or a subtle source of heat. 

Holy Moly! Look at that fireplace!

Gas Fireplaces

Available in a wide variety of styles, gas fireplaces are completely customizable, right down to the trim, log sets, and backdrop. We also install multi-sided fireplaces, which can be enjoyed from two living areas at the same time. 

Driftwood with Plain Black Liner, 1 Inch

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are a great addition to an outside gathering space and provide an excellent source of heat without the smoke. 

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