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Unique Fridge Wall



We are a dealer of Unique appliances, but will install customer supplied propane appliances as well. Unique is a Canadian company and leader in propane appliances, especially in the off-grid market. They now offer many different styles and sizes of fridges to  meet your propane refrigeration needs.  Click the Unique logo to view all of their available makes, models and colour varieties, or scroll below to view some of our featured appliances. 


*According to the 2010 Canada B149 installation code, if a propane fridge is being used in a dwelling it shall be of the direct vent type. The direct vent propane fridge must be located/installed on an outside wall  (maximum 46cm distance from outside wall) . In all other applications in Canada, you can legally use propane fridges with either a CO alarm device with a safety shut-off, or direct vent system, based on your requirements.*

18 cu/ft Propane Fridge 

Great for long stays at the cabin/cottage, this propane fridge is efficient and ergonomically designed to suit all of your needs with unprecedented interior space and clean, modern styling. With 13.8 cubic feet of space for the fridge, and 4.4 cubic feet for the freezer, adding up to a total of 18.2 cubic feet of space, this fridge provides lots of room to feed a large family. It also features removable glass shelves and crispers, making the interior just as attractive as the exterior. Operation: Propane (LPG). 


8 cu/ft Propane Fridge 

Unique's best selling model: The 8 cu/ft propane refrigerator. The latest model has increased the freezer size from 1.1 cu/ft to 1.7 cu/ft, making it the largest in its class! The new Unique 8 is also taller than the old version (not as deep), making it easier to access food and drink. All Unique 8 versions come with dual power (LP gas/110 volt backup). 


14 cu/ft Propane Fridge 

The perfect family sized propane fridge, featuring a sleek modern design with ample storage space in both the fridge and freezer. Efficient and ergonomically designed to suit all of your family's needs, this fridge contains a 3.5 cubic foot freezer, perfect for storing ice cream, meat, and even bags of ice. Stay a little longer at your vacation spot with this 14 cubic foot fridge. The Unique 14 operates on dual power (primary propane- 110V backup) 

6 cu/ft Propane Fridge 

The perfect entry-level upright propane refrigerator. This fridge fits the needs of a smaller camp/cottage, featuring a 1.5 cu/ft freezer and 4.5 cu/ft fridge. It's relatively tall profile makes it easy to access, and is very ergonomically friendly. The Unique 6 is dual powered (LP gas or 110 volt backup).   

10 cu/ft Propane Fridge 

The Unique 10 is the perfect mid-sized propane fridge. With 9.7 cu/ft total, and a 2.1 cu/ft freezer, it's great for a week at the cottage. At 23.5" wide, this fridge fits between a 24"counter opening and now comes with electronic ignition (battery powered), as well as glass shelving.  The Unique 10 operates on dual power (Propane (LPG) - 110V backup).


22 cu/ft Propane Fridge 

The Unique 22 is one of the largest certified propane fridges in the world. Great for extended stays at the cottage/cabin, this fridge provides the functionality and capacity needed for lengthy trips or large families. Featuring 16.2 cubic feet of space for the fridge and 5.9 cubic feet for the freezer, as well as removable glass shelves and crispers, this fridge is just as attractive inside as it is out. Operation: Propane (LPG). 

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