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Cabin by the Lake

how we can make off-grid living easy

Unique fridge blue.jpg

Propane fridges are an excellent choice for off grid living or camping. They are reliable, efficient, function without electricity, and come in a variety of colours and styles to fit in every setting. 

Propane Freezer Large.jpg

Incineration toilets are great for life off-grid. They are an excellent alternative to flush toilets, as they don't require a septic bed or running water, which can be costly and non-portable. Unlike compostable toilets, incineration toilets do not carry a strong odour, as waste is almost instantly transformed into ash. These toilets don't require running water or power. Only propane or natural gas. 

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Standing stoves are an excellent addition to an off-grid home or camp. They do not require a fan, allowing them to function normally without electricity. Stoves and fireplaces provide an excellent source of radiant heat and are a beautiful addition to a living or dining room. 

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