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Designed for use in off-grid homes, remote cabins, construction sites and even motorhomes, the Cinderella propane or electric toilet can provide a toilet solution for anywhere you may need one. The toilet does not require any water for use, only a source of energy (electricity or propane).  Before use, a wax paper filter is placed in the bowl,  keeping the bowl clean and odourless. In the push of a button, the waste and filter is dropped into the lower combustion chamber where it is quietly incinerated and reduced to an insignificant amount of ash. The toilet produces roughly one teacup of ash per four people in one week, and can be emptied easily from the bottom tray. These toilets are extremely popular where it is difficult to install a septic, places without running water and in mobile or off grid locations. We are a dealer of Cinderella toilets. Give us a call to plan for your next project!

Cinderella Toilets
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