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"Bob and fantastic crew, I knew the propane tanks were coming yesterday but I had no idea the furnace was going to be installed the same day. What a surprise we had when a big friendly crew arrived bright and early and whizzed through the job in one day in what I know was not the ideal place to work. Many thanks guys for a great job."

-John C. 

"The Valor gas fireplace is awesome!!! It arrived and was installed 5 days before scheduled date. Go with North Channel!!!"

-Alex T. -Sault Ste Marie

"When a company does an exceptional job with amazing customer service, the world deserves to hear about it. Thank you, Bob and boys for fixing all of my little propane appliance challenges at the restaurant!"  

-Fannie M. - Fannie's on the Island 

"Great service to our heating system! He listened to my concerns and resolved our issue perfectly and at a fair price. Thank you! Highly recommend this business!"

-Sherie G. 

"Amazing experience!!! The email response time is fantastic! A technician was dispatched to us and did a great job getting our furnace back up and running!! Very impressed with the professionalism, timeliness and the cost is very competitive and worth every penny!!! Thank you so much!!!"

-Laura L. 

"They installed two propane furnaces. Perfect job with no surprises. They came back for yearly maintenance. Again, perfect job and pricing. Special thank you to David for your professional workmanship."

-Hubert W.

"After the big power surge fried our circuit board we now have heat. Thank you for going above and beyond for well as the amazing customer service. Thank you North Channel."

-Tracey L.


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